It all started when…

I started sewing 29 years ago and started small, “a weekend quilter.” I made small lap quilts and wall quilts for extra money for our growing family at the time.

Slowly, my venture turned into a hobby, and then a collection of fabric, which steered me toward craft fairs. Then the embroidery bug hit, and there was no turning back! Here I am in my retirement job and a dream come true: opening a fabric store in my hometown of Gardiner! I’ve been married for 29 years to a wonderful man who has put up with my fabric collecting and many long nights of sewing and gradually taking over three rooms in our home with my craft/hobby. He has been more than happy to help me make Sew & Sews a reality so he can reclaim the house!

At Sew & Sews, we will offer freearm quilting and sewing/quilting classes in the future as business increases.